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The author, John Ackerman, who originally wrote Firmament and Chaos under the pseudonym Angiras, a minor Vedic deity or messenger, is a physicist who has spent 35 years in the fields of lasers, airborne natural resource mapping and reconnaissance satellites. John was born in Philadelphia, attended Drexel Institute and The Johns Hopkins University where he received degrees in physics. At Hopkins he was exposed to early attempts to study Venus from balloon-borne platforms, long before the first artificial satellites. Later he became interested in Immanuel Velikovsky‚Äôs Worlds in Collision, and followed the space program with those ideas in mind. In 1992 he became dedicated to advancing this work and retired early to spend full time finishing Firmament and Chaos. In 2006 John published a third book in the series, titled Peleh: Hidden Knowledge, which explains a number of additional myths and physical features on Earth, but which also examines the question "How can one hundred geosynchronous encounters of a body larger than Mars, each of fifteen years duration, with the attendant captures and releases, have remained hidden from mankind's most brilliant minds, for the last 2,694 years -the time since the last encounter?  The mystery thickens when one realizes that these encounters resulted in the revitalization of the Earth with all the water and atmosphere from the ancient, living planet priori-Mars.  These realizations lead inevitably to the view that the events must have been the result of an intelligence and power far beyond our own, and John's explanations of the great biblical miracles in terms of the encounters strongly implies that Jehovah guided them and is also responsible for their being hidden from mankind until now, an exciting time which many Christians believe are the 'end times.'

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